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I Wear My Politics Openly

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This was original drafted before COVID19 really took off outside China. I’ve left it, but as each days passes it becomes ever more apparent that politics are still being played. The only real difference at this point is that there being lives at stick is much more open and obvious.

But that’s not where I’m going with this.

Politics are a part of everything. As long as there are people, there will be politics because no two people see things the same way. In ever-larger groups, politics are important to ensure that everyone gets a voice, but in ever-larger groups issues get ever more complicated and it becomes harder and harder to be well informed on any significant part of what society is trying to accomplish.

And left to its own devices, almost ever type of society is going to be destructive if its citizens don’t take an active interest.

My own personal outlook used to summarize in three words: people over profits. And while I still feel that way, even in the society I exist in, it’s become more and more apparent to me that I’m oversimplifying things.

I read a lot and I research a lot on odd things and I’ve recently taken a number of sociopolitical surveys that consistently put me on the left-hand side of the spectrum and leaning away authoritarianism but not too far towards libertarianism. I tend to resist labels a bit as a lot of them come with baggage that doesn’t apply. (The phrase Libertarian Socialist, for example, comes with something for everyone to hate but doesn’t really describe either a Libertarian or a Socialist.) So let’s just say that I’m left-leaning thinker who has a preference for relevant, competent government.

To blow that up a little: we are all responsible for the consequences of our actions but have the social responsibility to act for the common good as much as we are able, and the state’s job is to shut up and listen, regulating only as necessary for the protection of its members and to sustain and improve the world in order to make it possible to continue to allow for the improvement of the lives of those members.

That’s a lot more than three words, but it also gets a lot closer to the truth of things as I see them: we’re all in this together and if we like the world we live on, we need to look out for each other and work to make sure we can continue living on it.

Be well, everyone.

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