Writing Update for Mid April

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For the first couple of weeks of my personal shutdown, I was blogging every single day. My count suggests 21 days in a row and then a six-day gap before today. Make no mistake, I didn’t run out of things to say, though I’m not sure I’ll go back to a blog post every single day at this point, but I’ve been trying to focus my writing efforts.

What I’ve been doing is the second draft editing pass on a set of three interlinked short novels, each in the 42k-45k word range. This afternoon, I finished that draft on the second one and I intend to find time to start working through the third later today.

Second draft, for me, is fixing the plot holes, timelines, continuity issues and tidying up lingering dictation errors. And, in this case, a formula error in my tracking sheets – one short scene was being counted twice for some reason.

The third of the three books is, I think, in better shape than the second, and just shy of the first. Assuming I’ve caught all the issues, I don’t think it should take to long on the second draft stage. Then I have to make the decision whether it’s time to start in on the 2nd draft of the Troll World Quintet (which is going to be an integrated job, and a much longer one), or the third of a stand-alone novel. I’m leaning towards the stand alone, which I actually have two of to take care of the rest of the editing on, plus the third book of the Heroes Inc. trilogy. Plus…. well, plus a whole lot of other stuff. I feel a little guilty not drafting anything at the moment, but I really want to catch up on a lot of the “later than first draft” stuff that I need to get done.

As a side note, I’ve also found that martial arts are becoming my coping mechanism for the amount of time I’m spending at home alone. Yes, the kids are all home, but all have their own virtual social lives and sleep schedules. My wife works in an essential business, and I can only do so much housework each day, not that the list of projects is much shorter than it was when I had my last day of work four weeks ago.

But if I’m not smithing very many new words at the moment, I’m making words already smithed shinier and better.

Stay safe and be well, everyone.

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