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Subsolar Whispers Reveal

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In case you’ve missed it, I write a little fan fiction. So far, it’s all in the Star Trek prime universe and in the TOS to TMP timeline, though I may have a few other things planned for the future. I tend to prefer working with the supporting characters and have the traditional “big three” in a minor capacity or off screen entirely.

This morning, I started the serial for a 14,000-word novelette starring Lieutenant Commander Uhura taking place in the time between the end of the original series and the events of The Motion Picture. She’s the only one of the original characters in this particular story, though I’ve populated it with a some of my own Starfleet folks, and others.

It started serializing this morning on Wattpad and has been broken into ten parts for the purpose. Or, if you don’t like waiting, you can download it as a pdf right now if you want.

And even if you don’t like Star Trek fiction, here’s the cover:

Stay safe and be well, everyone.

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