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Natural Order Cover Reveal

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Sticking with the cover reveal theme of the past few posts, today I’ve got one for something that hasn’t actually published yet, at least as a solo ebook.

“Natural Order” originally appeared in the 2014 anthology Legends and Lore from Xychler Publishing. Theoretically still available, I haven’t heard anything from the publisher since June 2018, and the publisher’s website hasn’t been updated in even longer, but I’m well outside the original agreement for exclusivity and this is a big enough story to stand on its own.

So, “Natural Order” gets to be its own ebook, and the next one I’m releasing, the final check of the manuscript files is slotted for Sunday. From there, it’s a couple of uploads, and voila!

For reference, it’s a 7200-word story, falling just a little short of novelette length, Contemporary Fantasy, and the cover may give away at least a piece of the myth I’m playing with.


Stay safe and be well, everyone.

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