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“For Whom the Gnome Tolls” Cover Reveal

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Oh, another cover for another ebook. What a surprise!

“For Whom the Gnome Tolls” is a comedic fantasy story a little shy of 6,000 words long and currently on my calendar to publish as an ebook on May 18th. Why I’ve picked Victoria Day to release something is an interesting question, and one I wish I had an answer to. I wasn’t thinking about it being Victoria Day when I picked the date. I wanted a couple of weeks separation from “Natural Order” on one side and the pending (because I want something a little different for a cover) Undead collection on the other.

Comedic is the word I’ve picked, although whether it’s quaintly funny or oddly bizarre will likely depend on the person doing the reading.

For the barest hint of content, here’s the cover:


Stay safe and be well, everyone.

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