I Can Cut The Lawn Again! Hooray?

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Finally, after what feels like weeks of waiting, the new lawn mower has arrived. Seventeen years old, the last mower technically still ran, but barely made it through last season and only because I was very, very gentle with it for about half of that season. One energetic turn and we were looking at a major fracture in the body and probably a completely detached wheel, making it unusable.

Those days are over. Well, almost. At the moment I’m typing this, the new Lawn Master is still in a box and, because it’s a cordless electric (I have a hard time justifying a gas mower anymore for the size of our lawn, will need to charge for some amount of time before I can trim the grass. By the time this posts, the grass may be shorter, but that will depend on just how long that initial charge time needs to be.

Cutting the grass, the next step in reclaiming our back yard for years of benign semi-neglect. The most recent step in the process was the removal of a swing set none of my children have played on in six or seven years. The clean up of brush under the cedar line along the back of the lot has begun, some tree trimming (and removal) is planned, and we’ve drawn up designs for several raised gardens and some simple, if labour-intensive (for me, if no one else) landscaping adjustments.

And then there’s the rain barrel installation to be done, and the wildflowers I very much want, and the dog path, and several more gardens, and… lots of work ahead, so I should probably be glad that my next job is merely cutting grass.

Stay safe and be well, everyone.

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