Raised Garden Beds

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Let me start out by saying that I’m not a handyman kind of guy. Sure, we have tools hanging around and I fix stuff when I have to. Over the years, I’ve learned to do certain things because even counting the blood, sweat, and cursing involved, it’s more cost and time effective than paying someone who knows what they’re doing to come and do it. I can take care of basic drywall needs, though if I had to do a room from scratch, I’m not sure I’d want to. I can paint, although I hate doing the trim. I can install a ceiling fan, light switch, power outlet, stuff like that, but I draw the line at major fixtures and appliances that need much more than a place to plug in, although I have done a couple of minor things recently to help our dishwasher function properly.

Little things. I can do little things. And big things that are very easy. Easier is better.

But I have learned that there are a surprising number of things, even big things, that turn out to be not as hard as you thought they’d be. Sometimes a little research goes a long, long way.

A current example, it took me about five hours total, including the trip to the store to get it all, locating the necessary tools in the garage, and several Youtube videos on the basic build and soil preparation, to turn this:

Into these:

Measure twice, cut once, use more screws than you think are strictly necessary. The time was well invested and well spent. Someone who has actual

Dragging them into place and getting them level-ish took a while longer, but I didn’t keep track. It was a hot day and I picked the hottest time of the day to do it. The biggest part of the job is going to turn out to be filling them. Especially since it’s not like the truck is going to be able to dump the dirt in our back yard. So we got a wheelbarrow and I’m “looking forward” to a significant muscle-building workout across a couple of days this week.

And now I’m planning several more of these, but they fit in with other projects that come first as we slowly build our yard into the vision we’ve had for years but with never the time and energy to pursue. Those projects require dirt and mulch and stone. In one case, maybe even fire. I’ll let you know how they go over the summer.

Stay safe, and be well, everyone.

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