A Quick Note On May Writing Accomplishments

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Very quick. May was a solid month, and in no small part because I haven’t been at work, but I’ve decided I’m only doing major goal updates in the form of a blog post once per quarter. And since we’re still a month short of closing out Q2 of 2020, this isn’t that post. I’m very happy with how May went, though, so I think it should be good for a quick list.

In completion order:

  1. The revision notes draft of Fallen Heroes, third (and probably final) book of the Citizen trilogy.
  2. Third draft (make it pretty) of Big Hair Day, my historical fiction story set in the 1980s that’s part history, part memoir, part miserable time for the hero, and part rose-coloured glasses, also for the hero. Coming in at just a little over 60,000 words.
  3. Second draft of Fallen Heroes. Now coming in at a little shy of 58,000 words. The shortest of the three, but the story is complete and while I expect to add a couple of thousand words in the next draft as I make sure everything says exactly what I want it to say, I very much doubt it will get much past 60k.
  4. Final Draft of A Matter of Honour, a now 46.5k-word novel set in the Star Trek prime universe and starring, among others, a young Lt. Chekov.
  5. Third Draft of the first of the Warforge: Caledonia trio. Each of those three needs a title of its own, but I need to make them all work together, too. Coming in at 49.2k as of this draft and that won’t change by a whole lot between now and completion.
  6. And I’m just shy of a third done the third draft of Fallen Heroes.
  7. 18k words of first draft fiction, including
    • Pride of Andor = 13,771 words and just over half-way through the plot. I’m converting this from an audio drama I don’t expect to ever produce, though and my projection currently says a touch over 26k for the finished first draft – there’s a scene absent from the script that I think really needs to be included. I should probably go back and put it in the audio drama script when I get there.
    • Working title “Psychic Drug” = 1329 words, 1st draft complete
    • Working title “Memory Core” = 1283 words, 1st draft complete
    • Working title “Drifting” = 1850 words, and I think I’m about half-way through this one, too. Maybe a little more. It should come in somewhere around 3500 words, I think.
  8. A total of 19 blog posts, breaking my target of 3 per week for the second month in a row (and the first month that was the actual target in 2020), which would only have needed 14 for the month of May (for June, it will technically only need 13, 10 of which I’ve already flagged topics for, so things I want to talk about on the fly should get me there with no issues, right?).

On the publishing side:

  1. “Natural Order” = released into the wild on May 4th.
  2. “For Whom the Gnome Tolls” = released on May 18th.
  3. The Undead: More Than Just Brains and Hauntings = fully prepped and slotted for release at the end of the week. Files were uploaded this morning to Amazon for the ebook and paperback.

A solid month, I think. And because I started this post by saying it would be short, it’s probably time to keep that promise.

Stay safe and be well, everyone.

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