Writing Day #2

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I took less time from chores and household projects today, but it was still a productive day for me. Just for fun, a quick update on what today’s writing focus brought me:

  • “Drifting” finished at 4,167 words. And yes, that made me a seven hundred or a thousand words wrong on how long I thought the story would be, but I was enjoying the AI annoying my protagonist.
  • 10 Chapters (out of 45) of third pass editing on Fallen Heroes, taking me to that pass being just over 60% complete.
  • A couple of short reviews.
  • Very basic plotting on a Fantasy (probably) story where I’m totally ripping off a plot from a Shakespearean play. At 1435 words, the ripping off part is done and the twisting of things has begun. Then comes the fleshing out. I have no idea why I started this, but it seemed like a fun idea at the time.
  • And this short blog post.

So not precisely what I originally planned, but I enjoyed the time spent at the keyboard. Total word accumulation for the day = 4715. Granted, that’s much lower than yesterday’s 8,138, but a day with a lot of drafting will always be a bigger day than a day with a lot of editing.

It’s also a 2-day total of 12,875.

And brings June so far to 18,223.

And the last day I missed doing any writing was the 19th of March, making 77 days in a row and a word total of 99,940 in that time. Which means I should probably find a couple more minutes to write tonight to break 100k for the streak. (The year as a whole is about 114.2k for me so far, which tells you how much I got done in the first couple of months of 2020.)

Not that I’m counting, or anything. Oh, wait. Actually, I’m always counting. And I’m always counting just about everything.

Stay safe, and be well, everyone.

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