So The Undead Didn’t Publish

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The wonderful thing about Indie publishing is that you can change your mind about stuff and no one can overrule you because you’re the publisher.

The Undead: More than Just Brains and Hauntings was supposed to release on the weekend. This is a collection of spec fiction stories ranging from a 200-word flash piece to an 8300-word novelette all featuring, in some fashion, an undead creature. Something around two thirds of them are fantasy stories with the rest falling into a Science Fiction classification. Very, very few of the 40 (yes, 40) tales can be looked at as horror. Not really my genre for reading or writing.

And yet, the cover my oldest daughter assisted me with clearly says, at least to me, that this is a horror anthology, if, perhaps, a non-traditional one.

It’s an awesome cover, and I love it, but I don’t want it to be seen as some kind of bait and switch, so something needs to change. Since I’m not going to rewrite all the stories to make them darker or scarier, it’s going to have to be the cover.

The Undead didn’t publish on the weekend. It will, and fairly soon, but I need to find the imagery that works for me. Much as I love the cover I’ve got, it doesn’t suit the collection. I will hold onto it for future possibilities, though.

Does it mess up my schedule? Probably a little, but does that really matter? I have my Haiku collection and a long-ish short story slotted for this month, too. A few days difference is not a big deal on any of them, I think.

Stay safe and be well, everyone.

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