My New Writing Idol

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It’s possible that Dean Wesley Smith might be my new writing idol.

I’ve mentioned him before talking about the concept of Pulp Speed, but he doesn’t just talk the talk, he walks the walk.

  • He’s published, traditionally, more than 100 novels, and hundreds of short stories, in multiple genres.
  • He’s published more than that going the indie route, in multiple genres.
  • For 4 years, he produced Smith’s Monthly, each month containing 50-55k of new fiction, usually either a novel and a couple of short stories or a bunch of short stories and a serialized novel. And he’s getting back to that with a few issues on the go at once so he can start producing regularly again.
  • He’s blogged every day since 01 August 2012. Closing in on 8 years.
  • Not to mention the various writing seminars, courses, and workshops he teaches.

The consummate writer. One of the most prolific writers in modern publishing. A writer’s writer.

And he enjoys it, seeming like he’s having a good time telling stories and talking to people about telling stories and telling more stories. In multiple genres (I know, I keep saying that. Maybe I’m jealous or envious, or maybe I should think about expanding my own writing horizons.) plus some non-fiction.

And he keeps at it.

Goals, he still has them.

Goals, I’m still setting them, still working towards the most basic ones. And it’s cool to have someone to watch who’s making it work and liking it.

Stay safe and be well, everyone.

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