The 3rd Draft of the 2nd book in the Caledonia Triad Is Finished!

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How’s that for a longwinded post title?

It is a bit of a milestone, though, and means that I have one more 3rd draft to do in the set before moving to final. (I am planning to do the final draft of Big Hair Day first, though.)

Captain Pedersen’s story (this part of it, at least) now stands at 48,263 words. And while only 2/3 of the complete group is at a third draft status, I’m projecting the overall project to run up close to 150k words by the time it’s through the final draft.

As important to note, this whole set languished for a few years while I drafted other things and never had time to do any significant editing, like with so many other projects. Years as in the original first drafts of these stories were complete just before the end of 2012. I made some revision notes in 2013 and then a much bigger set of them in 2018, but I didn’t get around to the actual second draft until just after my place of work got shut down in late March. I’m very pleased with progress since then, and not just on this set of stories.

Whatever the other results and changes from the pandemic, I need to stay on the editing track to catch up. If I can find the time, I think I can do that. An hour a day would be a huge impact, but will still probably be most or all of my writing year after I’m finally back at work.

And that will mean that post-COVID will need to look a lot different for me than pre-COVID when it comes to creative pursuits.

Stay safe and be well, everyone.

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