I’m Actually Not Missing Work At the Moment

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Meaning, I’m currently at a mental place where I don’t miss work.


Some of the people, certainly. But being out of the house 50-55 hours per week to see those people while I bring home a paycheck, not so much. Oh, I’ve been there during this enforced shutdown of my industry, and I’ll get back there too, but right now I’m good.

Since I’ve been off, I’ve pounded down the list of household projects to about a quarter of its original length. Of course, there are a couple of big projects (<cough> kitchen <cough>) we can’t afford with me off work, or even very easily if I’m back at work, but in terms of the small stuff and the small-expense stuff, I’m kicking it. Painting, de-cluttering, tree, brush, and stump removal, cleaning out the garage, tuning up our bicycles, small repairs… I’m probably going to be okay until I run out of stuff to do that isn’t just housework.

Yes, finances are tight. Not precarious, but we have to pay attention to every dollar. There’s no real disposable income anymore (if there ever really was, but now we’re keenly aware of it). The 27% increase in Ontario’s COVID “recovery” hydro rate isn’t going to help that, but we’ll adjust.

And I’m getting a lot of writing done.

And I’m going to more marital arts classes, albeit virtually, than I’ve had time for in a really long time.

And I get to be more politically aware and able to learn and write and comment and express.

And I’m available for my kids all the time. (Although they’re old enough that they mostly don’t need me.)

And I’m learning how to not suck at cooking. (Ask me about the sesame mushrooms.)

And my dog loves having me around. So do the cats, but the dog is more active at expressing it.

And my wife, who is in a very essential service and so has worked through the whole thing, claims she likes having me around all of the time, although maybe that’s because I’m doing all of the household chores instead of the half of them that I don’t actively dislike.

I do want a new normal at some point, but it needs to be different than the old normal and I’m in between wanting that right now.

I actually feel kind of guilty about that.

So the question becomes, what else should I be doing? Can I do more to make the world a better place while I’m at it? I’m trying, but I don’t know that I’m trying hard enough.

Stay safe and be well, everyone.

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