The Conservative Leadership Debate

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I don’t usually blog twice in one day but I’m getting more political as I get older and honestly forgot the CPC English-language debate was tonight. If you have no interest in Canadian politics, this will bore you. You might want to pick a different post to read.

For those of you who are left, keeping in mind that I’m not a conservative in any sense of the word, quick thoughts on the Conservative Leadership debate tonight:

  1. There’s three hours of my life I’ll never get back, counting the post-debate scrums.
  2. No one was able to answer a question directly. They all wanted to tell me why the Liberals suck but not what they’d do to be better. They all wanted to tell me how inclusive they wanted to be but not how they’d go about that.
  3. MacKay. Plain vanilla. Boring. No substance. No style. No answers. Same old, same old. Trying to project a Prime Ministerial air but has zero chance of becoming Prime Minister. More concerned about party unity than being drawn out by the attacks of O’Toole. Not a bad thing, but not really telling us how he’ll do anything or do better than the Liberal government we currently have.
  4. O’Toole. Freezer burnt vanilla. Not really different than McKay and angry about it. Overtly courting Lewis’ supporters by walking a little closer to the line of social conservatism wherever he felt he could get away with it and just vaguely agreeing with her when he couldn’t. Attacking MacKay at every opportunity to prove he’s different but not fooling anyone.
  5. Lewis. Frightening, but that’s partly my concern about social conservatives in power in general as they tend to want to force everyone to conform what they see as proper behaviour and penalize anyone who doesn’t. She will likely get to play kingmaker in some fashion. Since she has the bulk of the social conservatives behind her so that should be concerning.
  6. Sloan. Should be running for leadership of the Republican Party of Canada. Yes, we actually have one of those. Too much sucking up to Trump. Sees himself as a disruptor in the same vein as Trump. Drags the debate further to the right. Way too much dog whistling. Crackpot conspiracy nut and antivaxxer. Scary that he could actually get elected in the first place. Scarier that he’s actually managed to hold onto enough support to stay in this race.
  7. To some degree, they all seem to be true believers in the morally bankrupt eyes on the cash register, screw the people, the country and the environment outlook of the Harper policies. Those days are over. Some large portion of the CPC hasn’t figured that out yet. It will cost them.

Again, remember I’m not a conservative. At this time, it seems impossible I’ll ever be able to vote Conservative. You should assume I have a left leaning bias because I do, and I don’t like any of these potentials.

But I also want an effective opposition to hold whoever is in power to account. I don’t think any of this group can do any better than the outgoing Andrew Scheer. It seems likely to me that MacKay is going to stay the front runner, but if he doesn’t win on the first vote, it’s not going to be easy for him.

I kind of wish Rona Ambrose was still around. She might have had a chance. Not at my vote, mind you, but to hold the Liberals to a minority next time.

Stay safe and be well, everyone.

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