A House Full of Animals

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Beyond the human variety that is.

I share my living space with a lot of domesticated and semi-wildlife. The current count is something over 38, numbering

  • 3 Feline Overlords,
  • 1 Giant Dog™,
  • 11 Snakes between 2 species,
  • 8 lizards across 5 species,
  • 11 Forest Scorpions,
  • 1 Goliath Bird Eating spider,
  • 3 spiders of a smaller but approximately as venomous variety as the Goliath (so not very) and whose name eludes me at the moment,
  • An indeterminate number of cherry shrimp, White Cloud Minnows, and snails divided between an aquarium and a palludarium (that was supposed to have tree frogs in it by now except for the pandemic).

It’s less crowded than you think, and maybe a little less work, too. (Depending on which snake we’re talking about, they only eat every 7-14 days. Which means that’s how often you have to scoop most of the time. Some fresh water, a little handling here and there. Low maintenance, and pretty cool, pets.)

My son is fond of saying that we’re a giant snake and a small crocodilian away from having our own zoo. He’s not wrong. Menagerie is probably technically correct, though they’re really only on display for us.

Stay safe and be well, everyone.

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