Take Your Cat To Work Day

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Which I only recently learned about. In fact, the whole week is Take Your Pet To Work Week. Both events were created by Pet Sitters International, which I feel like I should have heard of before now.

As the pandemic still has my industry shut down (and I expect will for a little bit yet), my cats come to work with me pretty much every day. Oh, they’re not obvious about it and they’re not really trying to hang around and I mostly have to go to them, but my work is currently around the house and at the computer. That makes home and work the same place.

However, since the cats more or less don’t do anything on demand other than be cute, and I’m not going to spend the whole day waiting for something fun to take video of, I’m just going to offer up some pictures taken this morning. All during nap time, of course, although clearly I’ve disturbed some of the overlords while taking the images.


I came here for some privacy, thanks.


Stripping the couches of blankets for laundry seems to have made a comfortable bed.


I moved one of the dog beds off the floor to vacuum. Can’t put it back yet.

And remember, I never don’t want to see pictures of your cat.

Stay safe and be well, everyone.

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