I Think I’ve figure out my E-book Pricing Structure

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After extensive study of far too many recommendations and analyses, plus examining what far too many Indie authors are actually doing when it comes to e-books, I’ve come up with a pricing strategy that I think works for me. Looking at the market overall and wanting to provide perceived value for money spent for the reader, I’ve come up with something that’s essentially based on story length, or length of the total fiction text in the volume.

It also incorporates a couple of thoughts I have and that I’ve slowly learned appear to be backed up by people who actually know what they’re talking about.

  1. Giving away your work for free is a short-term gimmick. If you get something for free, you tend to value it less. It also helps drive the expectation in some quarters that books should be free. Save this for one-off exciting moments.
  2. The lower price points – $0.99 to $2.99 should be generally reserved for shorter works or short-term sales.
  3. Math is relevant. You need to calculate royalty rates and make comparisons.
  4. Where is the book in a series?
  5. Don’t mess with the prices constantly.
  6. Genre matters.

Much has been written by many people about e-book pricing. I’m not really going to add to that discussion in any meaningful way and I don’t even vaguely have the experience to make recommendations to anyone else.

The point of this post is more that I’ve figured out something that makes sense and works for me. I’m not actually going to share what I’ve come up with as a set of price points, because those don’t matter if you’re looking to set your own and if you take a quick cruise through my listings on Amazon, it probably won’t be too hard to figure out.

Whether it’s the right gradation or not, it seems to fit nicely with what the market is actually doing, adjusted for what I’m looking at as the medium-term place I’d like to occupy in it. I plan to revisit the structure I’ve worked out in a year or so to see where I’m sitting then, but I probably won’t play with prices much in the meantime.

Stay safe and be well, everyone.

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