Take Your Dog To Work Day

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I don’t usually get to celebrate this.

Almost never, really.

But since the pandemic shutdown pretty much closed the entirety of the tourism and entertainment industries, which includes me, the place I’m working is also the place I’m living. Lots of housework, lots of household projects, and the to-do list is actually getting shorter, which it probably hasn’t done since we moved out of the last house at the end of 2002. And that only lasted until we moved into this one and I started a new list.

So, I work at home right now which means, realistically, that every day is Take Your Dog To Work Day for me.

And he’s entirely fine with that. At various points in the day, he’s actively fine with it, practically making it impossible for me to move through the room he’s in until I’ve paid adequate attention to him, as if I don’t stop for a couple of minutes every time I have to step over him.

And I’m entirely fine with that.

A picture from this glorious day:

And a bit of video.

Stay safe and be well, everyone.

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