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June Writing Accomplishments

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I’m not saying “quick” this month since the quick version for May still turned out to be 600 words. The overall breakdown for Q2 will follow tomorrow and look at how things match up in terms of goals I set as well, but June was a great month, the best this year, and with a word count comparable to a couple of my best months ever early last year when just about all I was doing was pounding out first draft fiction in every spare moment.

On the writing side, and note that I’m typically working on at least two things at a time, one drafting and one editing:

  1. Pride of Andor 1st Draft – This was the first thing I finished in June and something I started in May, the conversion of three episodes of a Star Trek audio drama I’m unlikely ever to produce into a novella, the first draft of which comes in at 24,419 words.
  2. Fallen Heroes 3rd Draft. Third book in The Citizen trilogy, my not-quite traditional superhero stories.
  3. Basic Plotting – Altered Hamlet. Which will need an actual working title at some point if I’m going to write it. This involved reducing each scene in Hamlet to as few sentences as possible to capture the action and then changing every single one of those scenes to work into what I’m seeing as a slightly less tragic secondary world fantasy story.
  4. Warforge 1 – Pedersen’s Story 3rd Draft. Second of the first Warforge triads. Telling the story of the attempted recapture of a human colony from an alien enemy. This one from the POV of the Captain of a brand new ship of a class that no one respects.
  5. Star Trek Book/Comic/Merch Notes. I won’t give a lot of detail here. This is part of a collection of things for an overarching idea I’ve been kicking around since late 2014, the Year of Trek. Eventual details will be forthcoming, but this piece involved impressions on selected Star Trek books, comic books, games, and merchandising attempts over the decades.
  6. Big Hair Day Final Draft. Yup. This one is done, more or less. Part memoir, part historical document, part wish-fulfillment, and all coming of age in the 1980s.
  7. Interrupted Shore Leave 1st Draft – another audio script conversion, this one working out to 27,005 words in the first draft. Part of what I’m considering as “Batch 2” of my TOS fanfic.
  8. Additional (completed) short stories consisted of two flash pieces this month:
    1. “1986”. 471 words of the unnamed protagonist trying to figure out why time travel isn’t as cool as they thought it would be in spite of picking the best year ever to explore.
    1. “Time Loop” – which, in spite of the title, is probably not a time travel story, or even SF. 342 words.
  9. A total of 29 blog posts published counting this one. I noted yesterday that I’d gone 25 days in a row. Today makes 26. One of those days had two posts, which is not something I’m likely to do very often.

And talking about publishing, I have three things basically ready to go which just need to be uploaded, and that means I need to decide how, or if, to stagger them a little, depending on whether I want them to look like they happened all at once. Probably, all three will drop across the first week or so of July:

  1. The Undead: More Than Just Brains and Hauntings – although it has those, too. This was supposed to happen earlier in the month, but the beautiful cover my oldest daughter helped me with suggested a horror anthology to me. And while there are a couple of stories that straddle the line, this is an exploration of themes and ideas using undead creatures in Fantasy and Science Fiction settings. This was supposed to happen in about the middle of June, but after I decided the cover needed redoing, I also decided that the internal structure of the book needed an overhaul. I like it much better now.
  2. Haiku – Yes, I finally decided to do this. It’s not a secret that I write poetry, but I have regular love affairs with haiku. This has a hundred of my favourites in it and the cover image was actually taken by me of a lilac tree I drove past five days a week for 11½ years.
  3. “Common Ground” is the shortest thing I’ve yet put out as its own e-book, and I don’t feel like I’d go much shorter than this without adding something else to the files. The story originally appeared in a small-press anthology in 2011. I’m still fond of it, and hope other people might be, too.

Overall, a very good month. Stay tuned for the Q2 summary tomorrow, then I’ll talk about non-writing stuff for a few days.

Stay safe and be well, everyone.

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