Wing Chun Dummy Update

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A few days ago, I detailed most of the DIY martial arts equipment I’ve crafted for myself. I left out a couple of things, like the gripping jars (nigiri game), but since those are really just pickle jars of a certain lid size with sand poured into them until they reach a certain weight, they’re not all that exciting to look at.

The last thing I put in that post is the current project, the simplified Wing Chun training dummy, and I thought I’d put a bit of an update on that. When last we saw the dummy, it looked like this:

Now, after a couple of coats of a nice red stain (and drying overnight), varnish (and drying overnight), and the appropriate padding added, it looks like this:

And I’ll be hanging it in the garage tomorrow morning, a couple of feet over from my wall-mounted tire makiwara.

The home dojo is slowly coming together. Someday, I hope to have stolen half the garage for training purposes. Right now, I’ve got about a quarter of it. The other quarter will take time as there’s still a lot of stuff to deal with.

But I’m happy with the results so far, even if I don’t necessarily want to share pictures of the whole thing.

Stay safe and be well, everyone.

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