Star Trek Sunday: STO

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I’ve been playing STO (Star Trek Online) for about two and a half years now and I still log in most days for at least a few minutes.

I actually tried the game about five years before that on PC (I’m an Xbox player these days) but my laptop at the time couldn’t keep up with the processing power needed.

It doesn’t take long to figure out the basic mechanics of the game and at this point there’s a lot of storyline you can follow, plus cooperative and competitive scenarios, regular events of various durations with various rewards, an in game economy with multiple currencies, projects, regular new content, and a ridiculous amount of equipment for both ground and space that you can use and figure out how it works together.

In short, it’s just about everything I’d like from a multiplayer online game.

And it comes with a Star Trek theme.

Plus, it took me a surprisingly long time to find all of the pieces and make them work for me. I’ll never be a top tier player and that doesn’t matter. I’m having fun and actually still finding the odd little thing here and there. Things to build and things to do and things to see.

Not all of the storylines are necessarily Star Trek. Some are just fairly standard or even clichéd SF repackaged into a ST universe. That’s okay. I haven’t liked all of them. That’s okay, too. I don’t really do the competitive stuff because I don’t really like competition. It’s there, but not an integral part of the game so I can easily ignore it in favour of the things I do like.

And I like most of what’s on offer. Which, this far in, surprises me. I’ve been all the way through the content with my primary character and have played around with alternates, building an all-Andorian crew, a complete alien crew, playing in all of the various time frames available, and I’m currently working on an all-female Ferengi crew (which is hilarious if you know a little about the canon culture for the Ferengi in Star Trek, and amuses me every time I play the character). And I’m slowly entertaining myself by going after more of the ridiculous number of in-game achievements.

Everyone needs a hobby, right?

Stay safe and be well, everyone.

Live long and prosper.

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