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Star Trek Sunday: Lower Decks

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So there have only been two episodes so far, but at this point, Lower Decks is making the best impression of any new series or movie since Enterprise ended.

Yes, really.

If you don’t appreciate the type of humour involved, you’ll probably disagree. It’s face paced, sometimes silly, sometimes mindlessly silly, and to some extent relies on satirizing other bits of the existing canon universe and SF in general.

But it’s also about friendship, loyalty, compassion, understanding, finding your way, coming of age, and expanding what it means to be a Starfleet officer and sentient being, human or otherwise. The character interactions come back to the base of Star Trek: supporting each other in a strange but hopeful future and building towards it being even better while you’re doing the right thing because it’s the right thing.

And that’s what I’m getting after only two episodes. I’ll check back in at the end of the season and we’ll see how I feel.

Live long and prosper.

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