What My Life Looks Like Right Now

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In a word: weird.

I’ve more or less become a house-husband, which is kind of cool. The cooking, the housework, the maintenance, pretty much all me. And that’s as it should be since my wife is the one working full time and making sure there’s money for food, utilities, and basic necessities.

In between the housework, cooking, and maintenance, I’m getting a fair bit of writing done, plenty of martial arts training, and a surprising number of odd projects (like last week’s composter made of pallets and the tree/brush removal and cleanup we’ve been putting off for several years). I’m available as needed for my kids (all at home at the moment) and my wife and my dog. The cats like having me around, but I don’t think their lives have really changed much.

But it’s mid-August now, and how did I wind up in this spot? Well, I work in Gaming, and my industry got killed by COVID. In this jurisdiction, we’re limited to fifty patrons in the building at the moment. I’m still on furlough and no effort has been made to call us back, which matches with my back-of-the-envelope calculation that fifty people at a time isn’t a sufficient patron base to offset turning everything back on. It’s coming, but there’s the question of when.

Patience is a virtue. These days, it’s an imperative, and that extends to my personal life journey, too.

I’ve been off since things started at the end of March. In the last couple of weeks, I’ve realized that I’m finally decompressed enough that I don’t feel burnt out and over-stressed all the time, having shed the societal pressure of being the man of the house and bringing home the bacon (or vegetarian substitute, depending on which family member we’re talking about). Honestly, I’d forgotten what that’s like. I’m calm, relaxed, my blood pressure is normal. I feel normal, human.

And now I have to figure out what that means.

Stay safe and be well, everyone.

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