And So It Begins

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I have, ultimately, made the decision on the basic path I want to follow for the next few years and, as of this afternoon, I’ve had the first phone and email exchanges to explore whether my preferred option is even possible.

Yes, I know I said I’d take a little time to breathe. I think I also said that there’s a bit of potential time pressure on one path and, well, that’s the path that will give me the most of what I want, that will let me have a shot at the largest number of my dreams. I’m genuinely excited just by the idea of being able to pursue this path and not a little terrified that it might be possible. To the point on both counts where it’s costing me sleep for the last couple of nights.

I’m also, I’m sorry, not going to say what it is yet. When I have the ducks lined up, when I have the T’s dotted and the I’s crossed (or something like that), I’ll make a big deal out of it, especially if I can make it onto the path I want right now.

In the meantime, creative work continues. So does house work and getting stuff off the progress list. Just a little slower while I try to change my life.

Stay safe and be well, everyone.

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