What if the Multi-Verse Really is a Thing?

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As the days continue on through the strange, quiet wasteland that our society is trying not to slide towards, my mind takes weird twists and turns here and there.

This afternoon, I found myself contemplating multiverse theory and the idea that somewhere, in some other universe, there was a version of me who never made the move to gaming in the first place but found yet another retail chain to climb.

In some other universe, there’s a version of me who, a couple of years after we moved here and things were looking difficult, took that job offer in Toronto and actually decided to convince my wife that we should move back to the city. And another version of me who did that and was successful at both.

And a version of me who was paying just a little closer attention and realized that he wasn’t going to get around the corner on his bike before the car decided to accelerate through the intersection.

And one who left the retail book industry before the deep cuts began after the take over.

And one who actually learned to study in university.

And one who picked the right major that made him want to learn to study.

And one who didn’t have toast for breakfast this morning.

That last one might be the weirdest of them all. I mean, no toast? What’s that about? Seriously.

Stay safe and be well, everyone.

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