August Writing Accomplishments

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This one is going to be much shorter. I suddenly have a lot of things I’m trying to work out, which is probably obvious from posts over the past two weeks. This won’t be much more than a bare-bones list of things I actually finished in August, and I’ll note that I made a little progress on the first drafts of a couple of things and have started on a conversion of Draugr Rising into a screen play for an experiment I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to manage. Otherwise, the focus has mostly been on editing, but there’s been a lot of blogging, especially in the latter half of the month.

Writing completions:

  1. Shrine, Forest, Palace, Battlefield 2nd Draft completed. Yup, all four. After changing gears for a while, the next big thing is to get them all through 3rd draft so that all of the Troll World books are in the same place.
  2. Pride of Andor Second Draft. A short novel taking place in the Star Trek prime universe, TOS era but still during the five-year mission.
  3. A total of 17 blog posts published, with 3 more written for another project, giving me a weekly average of 4.5 for August.
  4. Some journaling for the first time in a while, with 4 of those this month.

After not doing a very good job on the publishing side last month, I managed a few things in August.

  1. Ancient Runes – technically a couple of thousand years in the future, but half of that time was spent getting humans to the planet the story takes place on. Science Fiction borrowing some inspiration from Norse mythology. Set to drop in early September, but I’m still not happy with the cover so it may migrate to later in the month.
  2. Star Trek Solo Missions – the collection of what I’m considering the first batch of TOS fanfic stories. Second batch is written but I’ve only just started editing.
  3. “Searching for the Sea Monster” – a story that appeared in Dead Bait waaaay back in late 2009. I’ve had the rights back for ten years but haven’t even tried to place it somewhere else. So, an ebook seems reasonable.
  4. A Matter of Honour – Star Trek TOS fanfic scheduled to drop on September 6th, it’s done and ready to go.

Publishing schedule for September currently includes two novelettes as well, but I may accelerate the next novel if I wind up having time. That’s in some doubt. Things are happening in a different part of my life and there may be a lot less time than I originally planned for September.

Overall, a good month. Total word count of 40.6k, making it the third best month out of eight so far this year. September will either be comparable or less than half of that, depending on how something works out. It may sound strange, but I’m actually very much hoping for the less than half version because that means something really, really important to me and the rest of my life has become possible to launch right now.

As of right now, in September I hope to:

  1. Complete the final drafts for the first Warforge triad.
  2. Finish the Draugr Rising script conversion.
  3. Do the basic outline for its sequel, Kami falling.
  4. Complete the making notes phase for the second batch of TOS short fiction.
  5. Write 21 Blog posts.

As always, I have plans beyond September, but I’ll reforecast every month based on reality at the time, and may even have adjusted September by the time this drops.

Stay safe and be well, everyone.

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