Happy Star Trek Day, Everyone!

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What’s that you say? I’m two days early?

Well, yes. Officially, I suppose. But from a Canadian perspective, most of the world is two days late.

Common wisdom suggests that the first broadcast of Star Trek was the 8th of September, 1966 on NBC in the United States. Therefore, September 8th is Star Trek day and we should all celebrate.

I agree with the last four words in that sentence, but the rest… not as much.

The actual first broadcast of the show happened two days earlier and in Canada. Never heard this before? Well, I promise I’m not just making it up and I offer you the first paragraph in the Memory Alpha article on TOS, the fourth of the Wikipedia article, and the scan of Page 36 of the Montreal Gazette for September 6, 1966 (middle column, two ads from the bottom).

So while I’ll probably note it on the apparently semi-official day on Tuesday as well, I’ll be celebrating today with a larger than normal number of unveiled Star Trek references with everyone I talk to, a couple of as yet unchosen episodes of Kirk, Spock, and the gang, possibly a movie, extra memes, and with the release of my next piece of fan fiction, A Matter of Honour, starring a still-young Lieutenant Chekov and a variety of characters of my own devising in the Star Trek prime universe. (Novel length, though a shorter one, coming in at 46.5 thousand words. It’s serializing on Wattpad starting this morning, or you can download the whole story here, and I’ve already posted the link to that first chapter.)

Live long and prosper.

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