A Writing Experiment

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I haven’t been writing about writing much lately, have I?

Maybe we’ll fix that today since I want to share an experiment I’ve been trying.

I haven’t been getting a lot of writing in during the past couple of weeks as I try to line up the ducks for the next phase of my life. While the first row was lined up about a week ago, I’ve got the second row lined up now and I’m jumping into things starting tomorrow. (For reference, I’m now registered in that TEFL course I mentioned, having picked the one I want and built a schedule to get it done in the time frame I want. Everything is cleared and the course is live. If it weren’t for vet appointments, it would be the rest of my week.)

But the writing I have gotten in has been a sort of experiment on the fiction side. Every night, I’m trying to add 250 words to a story longhand. The next day, I’m transferring those words to a Word document and adding to them or modifying them as I see fit. In some cases, those modifications are fairly extensive, and once or twice there’s been a side trip to expand a very short scene. Today, I decided to get the long hand work in early. With a gap of a couple of hours, I did the typing as well, so I sort of finished the first and second draft of a story on the same day.

Going strictly by the long hand version, the story is 6010 words long, but the word document says 8158 words. That’s a bigger difference than I normally get between first and second draft. Between first and final, really, but I think it’s gotten a lot of the editing that would have happened both making changes and tidying things up. I’ll be interested to see how much of a difference in word count there is between this and the third draft. I’m not expecting much.

It’s a fanfiction story, by the way, the first of the TOS Batch 3 stories, starring a freshly-promoted Vincent DeSalle suddenly in command of a destroyer that should have been scrapped but was fixed up instead and is now off to patrol the Romulan border. Not a lot of action, but a good bit of character exploration, and I think I’m going to come back to this ship in the future. I already like most of the crew members I’ve introduced.

More immediately, I’m going to try this experiment again but working in a universe of my own this time to see how it works out, and I’ve already got the opening scene in my head. Well, the opening of the opening scene, anyway.

Stay safe and be well, everyone.

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