September Writing Report

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A direct quote from my August writing report: “September will either be comparable or less than half of that, depending on how something works out. It may sound strange, but I’m actually very much hoping for the less than half version because that means something really, really important to me and the rest of my life has become possible to launch right now.”

Kind of how it turned out.

September was a weird month. The first week or so started out solid but then I migrated away from some writing and most publishing tasks as I tried to get everything lined up for my future life plans. Then the first phase of those plans kicked in and a lot of the remaining writing tasks dipped to minimal levels, compounded by a variety of emergency and semi-emergency trips to two different vets for several animals We have a zoo, I may have noted before. Since I last discussed it, it now includes two rabbits, but one less snake. More on that another day, maybe. It was rapid and surprising and I’m still upset about it.

But to the writing, it dropped down to very low word counts for the last third of the month on the draft in progress, no editing, no publishing, and there hasn’t even been a blog post for about a week and a half.

Even still, the overall count came out higher than July.

Overall, it was still a decent month with a total word count of 26.7k. Out of nine months, it’s actually number four. I do expect October to be lower, but I hope still in the sort of 20k range.

Still, it’s all about the available time.

Writing accomplishments:

  1. Returning to the Warforge universe, I’m about 60% through the Final Draft of the first of the three novels. I’ve started trying to schedule some editing time into my days to help this along.
  2. Finished the basic script conversion of Draugr Rising. Needs some polish and adjustment as there are a few bits of dialogue that are much to long for the screen in context, but overall, it works pretty well. Probably needs some format adjustments, too, since I’m not very experienced at the script-writing thing at this point.
  3. Interrupted Shore Leave, “Smog Alert”, “Tholian Rescue, allSecond Draft. The first is a short novel, the second a short novelette, and the third within visual distance of novelette territory, all taking place in the Star Trek prime universe, TOS era but in the final year of the five-year mission.
  4. First draft complete on the first of the Batch 3 TOS stories, this one a novelette showing the gradual collection of crew on the USS Plataea, a Saladin-class destroyer under the command of the freshly-promoted Vince DeSalle of TOS fame. The way this came together makes me think this might be the first in a set of stories if I want it to be. As yet untitled.
  5. Almost a thousand words (at one hundred or so per day) into a still-untitled story about someone infiltrating the ranks of corporate pit fighters.
  6. A total of 12 blog posts published, with 2 more written for another project, giving me a weekly average of 3.3 for the month.
  7. One whole journal entry.

September was a lighter than planned publishing month, with exactly one thing actually going up, and not something that I can do other than give away for free.

  1. A Matter of Honour – Star Trek TOS fanfic scheduled to drop on September 6th, it’s done and ready to go.

October will see something published, but I’m not going to push my luck promising more than one item at this point. I’m trying hard to focus on academics at the moment, and that’s likely going to continue to the end of the year at this point. First quarter should see a combination of gig work and academics, but by the end of next year, I hope to be a full-time student as my primary focus, and that’s going to last 3-4 years. The writing may be a little slower for a while, and that’s okay.

Still haven’t missed a day since my company shut down in late March. Counting today, that’s 196 in a row.

That’s worth being happy about.

I’m hoping in October to:

  1. Complete the final draft pass for all three of the Warforge: Caledonia books.
  2. Finish the basic outline for the Draugr Rising sequel, Kami Falling. I’m down to the detail and scene level plotting at this point.
  3. 3 blog posts per week.
  4. Publish 1-3 books or shorter works.

As always, there is a grand plan, and it’s almost time to start looking at a more detailed level for 2021.

Stay safe and be well, everyone.

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