200 Days in a Row

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Today, as I type this blog post, I’m marking 200 days in a row with time spent on a writing activity – drafting, editing, plotting, or some combination of those – every single day.

In that time, counting this post, I’ve had a net gain of 256,993 words. That number will go up a little since I still have a little time booked for drafting today, though not much, but it’s a pretty good number any way I happen to slice it.

While 200 days in a row of just about anything is impressive, I wasn’t really paying attention so didn’t mark 100, and I won’t likely notice 300 as it goes by, but if I continue on this streak, I probably will note when I hit a year, since that will be a really big deal at least in my head. Depending on how you want to count things, that’s either March 19th (365 days in a row) or March 20th (the anniversary of the beginning of the streak). Either way, I’ll try to remember to mark the occasion as long as nothing happens to break the streak in the meantime.

For now, I’ve got a little more typing to do today.

Stay safe and be well, everyone.

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