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And other stuff.

It’s been an odd couple of weeks, and I’ve been struggling to keep up with the writing and creative stuff I wanted to get done as well as with other stuff I need and want to accomplish. It could be the shape of things to come, but I think I need to try to focus more, or to provide myself with more ability to focus.

I’ve come up with the idea of having a schedule.

It divides up my day, and each day is a little different depending on things that need to happen (Examples: Tuesday is dojo day, my primary training and teaching night at the club, Wednesday morning is the weekly trip out for groceries and supplies, and Friday is Waste Removal Day) between the things I have to get done and the things I want to get done, the things that make up life and the things that make life worth living, the family things and everything else. It’s malleable and changeable and can be adjusted based on irregular real events, but the idea is to give myself a sense of structure I haven’t had for a while. Like, since COVID began kind of while.

In the late spring, through the summer, and into the early fall, just having a list of things to get done was enough. It hasn’t been lately as I get farther into the life of being a kept man becoming a student. As the weather shifts, the list shifts to mostly indoor things, and as life shifts further towards the academic adventure I’m undertaking, the list shifts mostly to sitting-in-front-of-a-computer things. Distraction is easy and it’s starting to bother me how often I dash off down a rabbit hole and get angry with myself at the time I’ve taken from what I was supposed to be doing. Once in a while would be okay, but it’s not once in a while. Satisfied curiosity is good, but sometimes it feels like that’s all I’m doing. Frustration at something not working is fine, but I’ve let a couple of things eat at me.

The attempted solution: solid blocks of time dedicated to specific activities or types of activities. Those time blocks include Academics, Creatives, Exercise, Family Time, Housework, and so on. I recognize the schedule is all mental, but if I can look up at a reminder and say, “Oh, yeah, I’m supposed to be doing Calculus right now,” or, “Right, it’s four-thirty so it’s time to start making dinner,” I think it’s going to help me a lot in the short term. At the least, it should block off some rabbit holes and get me moving in directions I actually want to be going.

Building a routine might be my friend. And because I’m a planner, there’s a certain amount of joy in creating and maintaining that schedule, too.

Stay safe and be well, everyone.

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