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I’ve been forced to temporarily abandon Instagram.

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Well, forced might be a strong word.

It’s probably obvious to anyone I regularly interact with on that platform that I haven’t been there for a bit.

It isn’t because I don’t want to be, but has something to do with the nature of the app on my phone and the damage my phone suffered during a recent adverse impact event in the driveway when someone was carrying it into the house balanced precariously on top of a bunch of other things instead of sticking it in their pocket.

The point of the matter is that most of the functionality of the app lies in a spot where the touch screen no longer responds to touch.

Sucks to be me, I suppose.

This phone is actually on the downslope and has been for a while. I hadn’t originally planned to take advantage of Boxing Week deals for a new phone, but aside from the strip along the touch where the touchscreen doesn’t work, there’s a blotch on part of that that’s just black, and a lovely spiderweb of cracks in the rest of the face. It’s still usable, mostly, at least for the things I want it for, but if I replace it, I’m not likely to see a difference in my bill.

I would have seen an adjustment down if things had gone as planned, though.

And I’d still be able to post to Instagram.

Not exactly world-shaking problems, are they?

Stay safe and be well, everyone.

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