Happy Solstice, Everyone!

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I’m going to be honest with you, I hate Christmas.


Oh, there’s the germ of several holidays still contained in it, but what our society has done to Christmas is more or less disgusting when you look at it with a little bit of objectivity, whether you want some version of the original pagan celebration, the Christianized version, the Roman Saturnalia, or some other standard that we’ve commercialized until all that’s left is that commercialism at a societal level, whatever anyone might think.

Christmas is a financial transaction that dominates a full sixth of our calendar on its own and its aftermath pushes into the new year. We spend money we don’t have on things no one needs. Don’t forget to wrap things so that you can throw out the wrapping when it’s over. We push our electricity bills to light up decorations that will only be good enough until something better comes along, probably next year. We’ve built our basic retail economy around the Christmas “season” where that short span makes or breaks the entire year however little we pay our frontline employees.

Buy, buy, buy. Consume, consume, consume.

As individuals, we have a choice, though.

And this year, my family has elected to make a choice that involves far less consumption. Less buy of things, less shopping. More family, more time, more together. This would have been the case without COVID, too. As it is, the coming lockdown will help enforce what I’ve got planned.

Solstice was at 0502 this morning. Welcome to the Twelve Days of Yule. This is Day One.

Each day, there’s a special food or event or drink or some combination of the three. I’ve stolen from traditions on both sides of the family for food and drink ideas. Mead and mulled wine and cider and even sloe gin. Roasted various things with vegan options and lots of baked goods. Events are going to be mostly relaxing family fun. Games night, movie night, bonfire night, and so on.

It’s not our job to feed into the fallacy of eternal economic growth at all costs. But it is our job to maintain family ties and make sure we remember to love and care for each other.

Stay safe and be well, everyone.

And a joyous Yule to you all.

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