Writing Goals For 2021

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The goals this year are significant, particularly when put in a light of my return to post-secondary education as a full-time student. But I think I need to aim high. If I don’t, I’ll settle for less than I’m capable of handling and probably less than my best work at the same time.

The editing focus is going to continue at the novel level. Things I’d like to get to final draft this year:

  1. Troll World = a current total length of 320k, the Troll World novels consist of five separate books. Once the editing is complete, and there are a few things I have to add here and there, I expect the length to increase by about 10% overall.
  2. Welkiri Corps, a novel I wrote without plotting and finished the first draft on in March of 2019.
  3. Pride of Andor and Interrupted Shore Leave. Two short Star Trek fan fiction novels that will round out to somewhere between 28 and 30k words each.

If I actually manage all of these, I’ll be “caught up” on the novel front, exclusive of anything I draft in 2021. That said, I’m actually planning to focus a lot on short fiction this year rather than novel-length work. My plan is for 50 short stories and 50 flash pieces in 2021, part of my “50 at 50” objectives (more on that in a couple of days).

But there will be some heavy non-fiction, too. I’m planning for a minimum of 100 standard blog posts this year. Yes, that will be less than I’ve done in 2020, but there’s also a non-fiction project that I’m going to keep secret for just a little longer.

And, of course, there are the publishing and marketing sides of things, but in the interest of keeping it short today – it is still the Holidays after all – I’ll save those for tomorrow.

Be well, everyone.

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