Happy Birthday To Me

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Well, it seems to work that if you survive enough orbits around the sun, you start to hit some larger numbers. Some of those are considered milestones.

I hit one of those today. 50.

I don’t, at least for myself, have a particularly strong connection to birthdays. Yesterday I was 49. Today, I’m 50. While I’d planned to have a big party for my 50th, that was more for other people than for me. We all need reasons to celebrate, especially lately. But COVID goes on and continues putting everything on hold. Maybe next year. Or whenever. We’d planned something big for our 25th anniversary this past May and that worked out just as well.

As I get older, I find myself more interested in being in synch with the physical calendar rather than our arbitrary counting of days (which could have been so different and could still be organized to make sense if we really wanted to, but human beings are creatures of habit and change is hard – why mess with what sort of works), with the seasons rather than the numbers. Solstices and Equinoxes are reminders of connections to a long chain of human history and the natural world.

I don’t attach anything spiritual to these dates, but I do like to know exactly when they occur. We had a Winter Solstice last week. Midwinter in the old, old days, and the first day of winter as we mark things here. Either way, the wheel keeps turning and the days are getting longer a little bit at a time again.

My birthday falls (depending on the year), between seven and nine days after the Winter Solstice, as the wheel has barely begun the upward swing towards brighter, warmer days. With climate change in the last couple of decades, it’s hard to say my birthday is in the depths of winter, but it’s still below freezing most of the time and the days are shorter. Still, I’m just far enough around the wheel to know there are brighter days ahead.

Happy birthday to me. Another orbit completed and a new one begun. Lots planned for the coming 365 days and for all the orbits that follow.

Stay safe and be well, everyone.

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