Q4 Goals Update

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Sort of.

Q4 being October, November, December, which account for a total of just over 50,000 words once I’ve totalled all the buckets. Light compared to the two quarters preceding it, but still well over the less than 22k achieved in Q1. While I’m not formally in school at this point, I have altered my life so that a major portion of each day is about Academics. I’m gradually working through an in-depth TESL course (Teaching English as a Second Language) and I’m relearning/reviewing senior high school math and science. In that second piece, it’s been a while, so it’s not as quick as it might have been, say, a couple of years after high school. But it’s going well. Functions is in the past now and I’m nearly done all of the possible content for senior Calculus. Physics is well underway, and I’m not enjoying chemistry. Since I have until May, I’ll be moving to university-level stuff at some point soon.

All of which is just background as to why my key writing numbers are so low for the last three months of the year. Throw in Yule (what we’re call the 12 days of Christmas) and all of the feasting and relaxation that was designed to entail in the first COVID holiday season, and it’s fairly obvious how I racked up only 8200 words in December.

Ultimately, in December, I added about 1700 words to the short story in progress, did no editing and no plotting, and prepped most of the end-of-the-year blog posts. In December.

Falling back to that original January 5th post about 2020’s goals (which, when I open it, isn’t even remotely as comprehensive as I remember), I’ll measure Q3 and the year to date against those a bit, and note again where I’ve adjusted things to match priority changes.

Ultimately, that means that the majority of the goals are still in the same spot they were at the end of September. Which is fine.

It’s also fine that things changed so dramatically on the writing front. They changed pretty dramatically on every other front in my life, along with most people’s, so there’s no reason the writing shouldn’t have been massively altered, too. 2021 looks very different in goals than 2020 did originally, but I’m reasonably comfortable in my prognostication of the shape of 2021. It’s going to take a while to establish the new normal as the vaccine roll out happens over months, and I am making that transition to University. If I don’t know how much writing time I’ll have left over as a student, that’s okay. No battle plan survives contact, etc.

So, I’m not going back to the individual goals for this post. I’m happy with how the year worked out. I’m also happy with what I’ve got projected for the year. I will plan to do the quarterly review this year and the monthly reports. They’re good to remind me of where I am even if I’m the only one who reads them.

Stay safe and be well, everyone.

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