Multiple pictures of my 10-year-old Saint Bernard.

Happy birthday, Ollie!

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Wow. My dog is ten today, which is getting up there for a Saint Bernard. According to what I’ve managed to read regarding lifespans, only about 1 in 5 of these giant sucks gets past their tenth birthday. So, yes, I’m concerned in a general way.

But his health is good (yes, he’s old and stiff, but we’re medicating and always paying attention to his limits), and he’s on the small and lean side for a Saint (a mere 150 pounds), and he has no underlying issues that we’re aware of (well, aside from the anxiety and the mild OCD licking in one spot that is fairly common in his breed).

So I hope to have him around for another year or two, at least, but I’ll take every day I can get. We’ve had four and a half great years with him, and I want him to stay with us as long as he can.

For today, I can’t wait until he sees his cake.

Happy birthday, puppy!

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