Random 80s Songs in My Head When I Wake Up

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I don’t try to analyze myself exactly. Oh, I regularly look at things I apparently believe to see how they stack up against reality, but I don’t necessarily examine the links between things my brain throws up or try to understand why it throws things at me. I just recognize that there are associations proceeding at an unconscious or subconscious level and try to enjoy the results as I work things in the conscious world.

Sometimes it’s odd, though. Every so often for the last several months, I wake up with a random 80s song playing in my head, usually just the chorus. It’s generally something I liked at the time, but it’s always something I can’t remember having heard for a decade or two, or more.

Thing is, I hardly ever remember my dreams. Honestly, I hardly ever remember if I even did dream. I’m sure I do, it’s a normal biological function after all, but I almost never remember it happening or the contents. Except lately, sometimes, there’s music involved.

The first song that followed me far enough into the waking world that I had to look up and listen to repeatedly was in November, and whether or not it had any connection to the southern election results becoming conclusive, I can’t say. Only the chorus of “Goodbye to You” really applies, but the rest of the song plays differently, reminding me of some things and pulling some memories back to the front of my brain, and I’d forgotten just how awesome Scandal was and just how fun early 80s music videos were.

A few weeks later, something somewhere in a dream sparked the memory of an 80s Canadian band by the name of Eye Eye and I woke up singing “Out On A Limb”. Just the chorus. That’s apparently all I remembered but I fixed that over breakfast. I’d love to find a better quality video of this one, but the sound is good and it took me back to the summer I was fifteen.

A few weeks after that, I woke up one morning singing, “Must’ve been crazy playing it hot, I should have played it cool.” Another Canadian band, the Jitters, although I had to look that up. Also a 1986 song, though it’s likely I didn’t hear it until the re-release the next year after they’d signed with a big label.

I do wonder what my subconscious might be trying to tell me with two of the three songs being from Canadian bands and from about the same time or if it’s even trying to tell me anything. No idea, and I doubt I’d be able to chase it down if I had the time for the exertion.

But I am waiting to see what music the dream world throws at me next.

Stay safe and be well, everyone.

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