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Or maybe spring cleaning.

Or both, really, but the cleaning part will likely go past spring.

Some significant changes are happening around the site right now. I’m trying to completely reorganize so that it’s more intuitive to find things and folks who visit are seeing the things they care about as well as the things I’d like them to see.

The big changes:

  1. I’m switching to a static-ish front page (you may already have noticed this, or maybe not; it’s not like I get a tonne of traffic – click here to see if you’re interested). This will ultimately have a sort of standard format that includes a few basic items on it including whatever my newest release or announcement is, some links to important stuff, and probably a little bit of contact info. Still being built.
  2. I’m building a background pages for everything I’ve indie-published or been published in that’s still available. Haven’t made a lot of progress on this yet, but I’ll get there.
  3. I’m also building a sort of “current projects” page that needs some consideration. I’ve often in the past taken a sort of scattershot approach and worked on whatever I’ve wanted to on that day. In the last couple of years, I’ve done things a little differently, focusing efforts along specific lines with generally one overarching goal in the background and a variety of smaller monthly goals that may or may not be a part of that big one. Things have come along very nicely and while I’m still in catch-up mode for editing, it’s time to have a solid plan for what’s going on (one that I’m willing to share more openly than the standard list of goals), and the various branches of it. The current projects page will hit the big points on that.

There will probably be lots of smaller things, too. Menu rearrangements, tag and category adjustments, basic styles, and so on. With the amount of stuff I have going on personally and professionally, it’s going to be an ongoing process for a while and based on past experience, I’ll never be completely satisfied with the final product. Not unlike the final draft of a lot of stories, really, but you have to let those go eventually. So I’ll spend a little more time tinkering with things than I should and then try to leave it alone for a while.

Stay safe and be well, everyone.

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