Yup, Still Writing FanFic

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There’s really only one reason, and that reason trumps all of the arguments against doing it, which mostly boil down to how you can’t make money playing in other people’s universes unless you’re specifically invited by the rights holder.

Here’s the thing, though. I don’t write my fanfic because I’m trying to make money at it, I’m doing it because I want new stories in the Star Trek prime universe that I would have enjoyed reading or seeing on the screen. If anyone else happens to enjoy them, too, then that’s a good thing.

So far, I’m at:

  • Published = 2 novels and 7 short stories. And I’m using the word “published” loosely. They’re on Wattpad, available on a not-secret but also not-publicized page on my website, and probably will show up on a fanfic site or two in the next few months.
  • Edited = 2 short novels and 2 novelettes. Well nearly edited. They all just need a final read-through to be ready to go. Then covers, pdfs, and the serial path I’ve been following for these.
  • Drafted = 1 short drafted and one in progress. These are the first of what I’m calling the Batch 3 stories.

So far, I’m at nearly a quarter of a million words of Star Trek fiction taking place in the Original Series era and I have the basic idea kernels for nine more short stories that will get me close to 300k, or even a bit over it, when done. A couple of stories happen in the months just before The Motion Picture, and of my planned tales one takes place a little after Wrath of Khan and one a little before The Undiscovered Country. The Federation is big, the galaxy is bigger, and I can explore characters that didn’t get a lot of time on their own and even slide a few of my own characters in. There are a few recurring background characters, and one who’s also gotten to be one of the principles along with Chekov and McCoy in a short novel that just needs a final reading: Lieutenant Commander Jharia Endelev, the new Chief of Security on the Enterprise who joined the crew not long after season 3 in my timeline. My added characters tend to be non-human so far – there was only so much time and money they were willing to spend with makeup for regulars in the 1960s.

Oh, and I have a few TNG plans, too, but those are probably a couple of years away.

So yes, I’m still writing Star Trek fanfic. It’s not a giant part of my writing collection, but it’s a part I don’t expect to go away anytime soon.

Live long and prosper, everyone.

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