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Project: The 50 Year-Old Freshman

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I’ve mentioned here and there that I’m going back to school. School as in university. University as in the university of my youth, the one I walked away from with most of a degree complete but with the patience to deal with what I thought was annoying bullshit at the time but which I now recognize was just me not paying attention to reality and what I actually needed to do in order to be a good student.

Part of the problem was that I’d never had to be a good student before I got to university. Things came easy enough that I could get away with just paying attention in class and quickly speeding through whatever homework was assigned. University (College for my American friends, though we define things a bit differently up here) doesn’t work that way and I kept waiting for things to just click and go back to how they were all through public school and high school. Decent grades without much effort. The old, “Lance could be an A+ student if only he were willing to apply himself.” I was happy with not applying myself and being a B+ or A student, and I don’t think I ever understood why university didn’t work the same way.

But it didn’t. I’m wise enough to know that now and to know the reasons behind it. So, twenty-seven years after I walked away from post-secondary education, I’ll be starting classes again. And this time, I have an understanding of what I’ll need to do to be a successful student. You know, the school work.

Also this time, my major decisions aren’t just going to be of the “it seemed like a good idea at the time”. I’ve got a plan and specific goals involved.

The end goal is to spend the late stages of my working life as a high school math and science teacher.

The plan has multiple steps.

Queen’s University has allowed me admission into a General-level Mathematics degree (a three-year degree). That’s step one. Step two is to prove I can be a good student, good enough that I can earn my way into the Honours-level (four-year degree) program. Step three is to gain entrance into Teachers’ College and a Teaching degree. Then, of course, I’ll need to find employment as a teacher.

And I’ve decided I’m going to document the whole process, because I’m me and like to keep track of things and write stuff down. Tentative title: The 50 Year-Old Freshman. Because I’m 50, and I’m going back to school again, starting over.

It may wind up being a separate blog, but maybe I’ll just pick a specific day of the week to post here. Who knows? Well, I probably should, and soon. Classes start two months from yesterday.

Stay safe and be well, everyone.

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  • Steph

    Welcome to the group of the many who changed careers to teaching! I have never worked as hard, been paid so little, but have the most amazing moments at work as being a teacher gives you. Being a lawyer had the prestige, being a teacher has more intrinsic benefits.

    Going back to university now actually allows you to role model continual learning for your students….or at least that’s what you tell yourself when you enroll for your post-grad programs 😉 Make sure you blog your learning in maths so I can steal….borrow…it🤪 Am willing to share/assist too if needed- I’ve got highschool maths too.

    Enjoy, good luck, keep writing about it!


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