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The Launching of Ancient Runes

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So I’ve decided to have some fun and actually have a my own version of a book launch for Ancient Runes, which will be available on May 7th at $2.99 US (modified by exchange rates into other currencies which I unfortunately have no control over). That price will last for exactly 30 days, at which point it will move to $4.99, which is what I’m calling my “normal” price in the current version of the market for a novel that comes in under 85k words. Ancient Runes is only a few hundred words under that threshold.

There won’t be a tour of any kind, but I do want to make things a bit special and exciting. Other than the special launch price, the launch itself will have three prongs:

  • Buy something,
  • Review something,
  • Share something.

Buy Something

And by something, I mean Ancient Runes.

Within 30 days of the launch date (which is May 7th, remember? So you’ve got until whatever your local midnight is on June 6th), email me an image of the completed transaction on Amazon (any flavour of it) or Ko-Fi, the only places I’m selling at the moment, and you can pick my previously published the short fiction titles for free, in the format you like best out of Kindle, EPub, and PDF. That’s a list of 12 so far:

  • Thorvald’s Wyrd” (SF)
  • “Babysitting the Taran-Saurus” (SF)
  • “Mummy Powder” (Dark Fantasy)
  • “Trollsign” (Noir Fantasy)
  • “Behind False Doors” (Urban Fantasy)
  • “Natural Order” (Urban Fantasy)
  • “For Whom the Gnome Tolls” (Urban Fantasy)
  • “Common Ground” (SF)
  • “Footprints in the Dust” (SF)
  • “Searching for the Sea Monster (Contemporary Fantasy)
  • “Comes the Riznak” (Urban Fantasy)
  • “The Colours of Lives Lived” (Urban Fantasy)

These are all of my shorter fiction (under short novel length) ebook releases as of this post. On a word-count basis, the three longest are “Babysitting the Taran-Saurus”, “Trollsign”, and “Thorvald’s Wyrd” – the first comes in at well over 14k and the other two are a bit over 13k. SF, Urban Fantasy, and slightly experimental Heroic Fantasy respectively.

If you shock and thrill me by buying a paperback version of Ancient Runes, you can pick one of those stories and I will turn it into a chapbook, sign it, and mail it to you. I will need your address to do it, though, but that’s all I’ll use it for.

Review Something

Write a review that’s at least twenty words long (a couple of sentences), slap some stars on it, and post it to Amazon or Goodreads within the same 30 days mentioned above (so by midnight on June 6th), and I’ll enter you into a draw for your pick of an ebook copy of any of my novel-length or collection-size work, in your choice of Kindle, Epub, or PDF. There are six of those so far:

  • Skip to My Luu (Science Fiction)
  • Turn the World Around (Science Fiction)
  • Heroes Inc (Book 1 of 3, Superhero)
  • Hero’s Life (Book 3 of 3, Superhero)
  • Fallen Heroes (Book 3 of 3, Superhero)
  • Graceland (Collection – SF)
  • The Undead (Collection – mix of SF and Fantasy)

If none of those appeal to you, you could certainly sub in one of my shorter works, listed above.

One entry for a review in either spot, three if you do both, and it doesn’t matter if you do a copy and paste. Obviously, I like 5-star reviews better, but honesty is important. And you can use those twenty words to tell me why you liked it or didn’t.

To be clear, my favourite review would be five stars for Ancient Runes, but I’m not going to limit things here. And any review between now and midnight on June 6th counts.

Share Something

There will be posts about the launch, including this one. Every Saturday for five Saturdays after Launch (May 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th, June 5th), I’ll total up all of the shares on any Ancient Runes related social media posts (which will pretty much be on Facebook and Twitter) and for every ten of them (or some fraction of ten) in that week, I’ll use a random number generator to pick winners of an ebook of their choice from my short fiction – same list as above. Since the first Saturday involved is 10 days after this post goes up, there’s a little extra time to get into the first draw. And sharing this post counts.

So There It Is…

Buy something, review something, share something.

And who am I to argue if you want to do all three?

Stay safe and be well, everyone.

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