April Writing Results

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While April came in at just over 12.4k words, the lowest month of 2021 so far, and actually the second lowest month (after December) since the pandemic was declared and that fateful day they sent us all home from the casino.

It’s hard for me to be upset about the low word count though, because I handed in my last assignment for the Teaching ESL course on April 30th, finished the third draft on Forest (the third book of the Troll World Quintet) plus I dusted off a novelette I’ve been intending to get back to for a long time and made some revision notes, published a 6k short as an ebook, and set up the essential launch plan with assorted giveaways for Ancient Runes (May 7th).

Setting aside the writing and publishing bits just for a moment, I’ve been working hard on the ESL thing for a while and handing in that last assignment (actually an open-book exam) made me very happy. I’ve signed on for three small add-on courses, too, but those are much more compact and a little less stress-inducing.

But looking back at the writing for April, yes, I’m happy. It’s a good set of accomplishments considering the time I made available for creative pursuits.

Looking ahead into May, will it be better? Well, I suppose that depends on what we mean by better. Most of my editing time will be spent on the 3rd draft of Palace, the fourth Troll World book, and a volume that needs a different name as most of the book doesn’t actually take place in the palace even if some key early events do.

Side note: there’s a one-word name theme going on with these, if I’ve never specifically spelled it out: Arena, Shrine, Forest, Palace, and Battlefield. I’ve been thinking Battlefield also needs a different name since the battle isn’t the point of things, necessary as it is to the plot. (Character growth and storytelling are the point of things, as always.)

I also hope to get the 2nd draft of the novelette in question done. Oddly, another one-word title: “Foog”.

May will also see the launch of a couple of serials, one in an original universe and one fan fiction (a short novel using Chekov, McCoy, and a couple of my own additions to the Enterprise crew).

Editing remains the focus for 2021, with Publishing a close second. I do intend to pick up the drafting pace, and there are a couple of tentative plans to that effect, but I also need to remember that I’m about to become a full-time university student and the course load I’ve set myself for the Spring/Summer term is equivalent to a regular full term, containing two full-year courses that are squished into 12 weeks and a half-year course compressed into six. Calculus, Psychology, and Ancient Science. Should be an interesting mix.

Stay safe and be well, everyone.

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