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Launch Day for Ancient Runes

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It’s launch day!

Which means that Ancient Runes is no longer listed as pre-order anywhere. Instead, it’s immediate delivery for ebooks and Amazon-speed shipping if you’re after the paperback (which appears to be Prime eligible for those interested).

I haven’t really done a launch before, being more focused on building up a bit of a title list over the last two years so that there’s some selection to go with my name. Product before presence, which seems to be the opposite of normal these days. At this moment, Ancient Runes is novel number 6 available, and there are a dozen shorter ebooks and three collections (one of poetry) to with them.

So that’s why, a touch over two years after my first ebook release in March of 2019, I’m starting down the marketing path now. And this isn’t exactly a giant launch filled with media hype and giant splashy pictures. I’m more interested in keeping the focus on my work.

So, we’ve got:

  • A giveaway: send me an image of a completed transaction for Ancient Runes and I’ll send you back your choice of one of my published shorter works as an ebook.
  • A draw: if you write a review for Ancient Runes that’s at least 20 words long and post it on Amazon or Goodreads, I’ll put your name in a draw for one of my previous novels as an ebook. One winner for every ten reviews, this draw happens June 7th and any review posted up to midnight on June 6th qualifies.
  • Another draw: if you share any social media post about Ancient Runes, I’ll enter you into a different draw for an ebook of one of my shorter works. This one happens every Saturday (starting tomorrow), until and including June 5th for the shares that happened that week.

More detailed details on the original post announcement if you want to read them.

Are these the right choices for a first book launch? Good question? I have other thoughts and ideas and have done some research. These are what I’m doing this time. Next time might be different, at least a little.

I’ve put the links below for all the places you can get the book. Amazon and Kobo both have several chapters’ worth of preview if you want to taste it first. So does the dedicated page on my website.

Stay safe and be well, everyone.

And never stop reading, even if it’s not my stuff.


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