Smell That?

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OK, so it’s been awhile. More about that another time. A slightly more current event today.

To help keep the peace with Vulcan, I do some off the books work for the Andorian Imperial Guard. Our most recent operation cost me a couple of fractures in the elbow of my dominant arm. It’s going to be a few weeks healing. My guess, based on what I currently know about the location and nature of the fractures is probably on the order of about six weeks. But, I haven’t been to the fracture clinic yet so there’s still some significant imaging in my immediate future that will tell me a whole lot more. However long the healing time is going to be, I will not have full use of my right arm for most of it. The temporary cast essentially locks both the wrist and elbow.

So for now I’m in a position where everything takes a lot longer to do.

Do you remember that early 90s Pizza Hut campaign where their slogan was, “Sometimes you have to stop and smell the pizza”? Well, that’s where I am right now, all the time.

Loading the dishwasher, cooking, solving a calculus problem, taking notes for psychology, scooping the litter box, getting dressed, shaving, grocery shopping… Absolutely everything takes me at least three times as long as it did last week. I don’t have a choice, I have to stop and smell the pizza. As a matter of fact, I have to take my time so I can smell the pizza all the time.

Make no mistake, I’m not romanticizing this. The only reason I’m so relaxed about losing the use of my arm for a few weeks it’s because it’s only for a few weeks. Along with all of the things that take longer, there are now a bunch of things I can’t do. Or, at the very least, shouldn’t do. Driving is off the list, for example. I can’t take myself to the grocery store or the Dojo or anywhere else. Yes, I can practice martial arts, but I have to make some adjustments. It’s a good learning and teaching opportunity, in fact.

Unless it completely fits in my palm, I can’t open a pill bottle. My ancient Saint Bernard requires several medications daily. I can’t apply enough brute force to open a stuck jar lid. I very nearly can’t cut my own food. “what’s the matter? Do you have a broken arm?” Well, as a matter of fact…

All that said, for the next few weeks, I have an excellent opportunity for me to try to slow down and relax about many things, to think about and consider things more closely, and maybe to alter some habits in ways that will be healthier for me going forward.

Updates on school and stuff, maybe even on my writing, over the next few days.

Be well, everyone.

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