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I don’t keep it a secret that I write some fanfiction, and so far it’s all set in the Star Trek prime universe. Nearly all of it is in or surrounds The Original Series time frame. I have written several pieces that happen in an overlap with the TOS/TAS timeline, in certain ways filling a few gaps in, and a few things in the time after the five-year mission but before TMP starts. The story I am currently drafting takes place a couple of years before the James T. Kirk five-year mission and not on the Enterprise. I have plans for a couple of stories in the TWOK era as well. All of that said, the bulk of my fanfic so far takes place in the last year or so of the five-year mission.

(OK, lots of acronyms already, so for those of you who aren’t Star Trek fans, and you should be, these are explained down at the bottom of this post, plus any more I use.)

So far, I have basically written these in batches of stories. The first batch had seven stories in it. The second only had four, because two of them are essentially short novels, both with word counts in the vicinity of 30,000. The third batch may have as many as eleven stories in it, but most of them are planned to be in the 3-6000-word range; nothing more than 10k planned. There are also two longer stories, both fitting comfortably into novel length at 46 or 47,000 words.

Generally, I prefer to work with secondary or recurring minor characters as my mains in these, characters I feel like sometimes didn’t get enough screentime or could have been demonstrated to be so much more if they’ve been given a little more space to do so. The big three still appear regularly but are not often the focus of the action.

So, that’s most of the background information. A general note: you can’t make money on fanfic, so you can’t sell it. You can post it, and if the rights holder is OK with things and it’s clear that you’re not trying to make money, they generally turn a blind eye. Traditionally, Paramount has been much more worried about fan film than fiction or even audio drama podcasts.

In my case, I actually go to the trouble of creating a cover, using the appropriate font and finding an image of the character that fits were possible [in exactly one case so far, the primary character is my own original creation and so I created her as a character in STO so I could do some screen captures and have a cover image] and that cover goes on an e-book, which I make freely available from a specific fanfiction page on my website as well as serializing on Wattpad.

Sometime during COVID, my oldest daughter introduced me to a website called Archive of Our Own, frequently abbreviated to AO3. This site is all about fanfiction, for reading and for posting, in a myriad of fandoms. If you like crossovers, if you like slash, you will find plenty of it here. But you will also find a lot of stuff written because the author wants more adventures with favorite characters. That’s the camp I fall into.

It took me a long time 2 set up an account, and it took me a little while after that to start posting things to that account, but it’s a move I should have made sooner for my fanfic.

Case in point: I first posted “Between A Rock And A Klingon”, a 21,000-word short novel starring a young Pavel Chekov, on Wattpad beginning December 23rd 2018. If I divide the number of reads by the number of chapters, I calculate that it’s had slightly more than 23 complete reads. I posted the same story late in the evening six days ago on AO3 and it’s already had 13 reads, plus as much positive feedback, and more comments, than it did on Wattpad in more than 2 1/2 years. I’m happy about that, and wish I’d found and started to use AO3 a lot sooner.

I’m trying to add another of those stories every time I get a chance. And I’m up to four so far, hoping to have all of my original batch done by the end of the week. The two novels will probably go up a few chapters at a time, as it does take a little bit of time, even if it’s not much, to post each chapter. And when I’m caught up there, I will start on the second batch. And any feedback I happen to get is a good thing. Feedback informs all future writing, not just fanfic.

So far, I’m only drafting the third story of the third batch, so had better find a little more time for writing.

If you have the desire and time to read some original Star Trek fanfiction, that at least I think is fairly well written and true to the original spirit of Star Trek as well as the characters, here’s the link 2 everything posted on AO3 so far: Don’t be afraid to leave a comment if you can.

Be well, everyone.


TOS = (Star Trek) The Original Series

TAS = (Star Trek) The Animated Series

TMP = (Star Trek:) The Motion Picture

TWOK = (Star Trek II:) The Wrath Of Khan

Big 3 = Kirk, Spock, McCoy

STO = Star Trek Online

AO3 = Archive of Our Own

IDIC = Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations

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