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Seek Balance, Grasshopper

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Because I certainly haven’t had it so far this term.

I’ve been so deep in the academics (and with generally good results although a couple of things could have been less last-minute and worth a few more marks) that I’ve literally tossed everything else.

Very little time with my family.

A total of 5000 words making it to the computer in terms of writing. There’s maybe 1500 more long hand that needs to be transcribed. (I wrote the January Flash piece, btw, but it’s still on paper.)

No blog entries since classes started and exactly one journal entry that’s part of a separate project I don’t track with the rest of my writing.

Very little exercise or martial arts training.

Just this side of zero non-academic reading.

Not much of the cooking and less of the housework

Way too much time with my butt trying to grow to fit the chair I spend most of my day in.

Practically no social media. I think this piece is a good thing, really, but more on that another day.

Somewhere near the end of the first week of February, I started telling myself that if I could get to reading week, I can balance things out. A week with no assignments, essays, or quizzes (or practically none – there’s actually one assignment and one tiny online quiz) will let me reorganize, figure out patterns and schedules for the rest of the term, and get back into a schedule that lets me read and write a little, too.

Or so the theory goes.

It’s the Monday of Reading Week and that’s working well so far. The schedule is worked out and streamlined for the rest of the term, it builds back in all the things it needs to, I’ve worked out a relaxing week for this week, and my blood pressure is down a couple of points.

It’s come with some revising of non-academic goals for the year, and a recognition that I’m going to lose so time to commuting for the last six weeks of the term since we’re going back to in-person classes. (On the one hand, I’m happy about that. On the other, I’ve gotten used to having that time and not spending the money on gas or parking.)

So where does that leave me on Monday, the 21st of February? With an hour booked in the morning for reading and another for writing plus 90 minutes in the afternoon for exercise and martial arts practice. There’s a long break for lunch and a longer one for dinner which I intend to cook), some space for a bit of housework, and about six hours total of academic reading and assignment work (or studying), a couple of which are while relaxing in the family living area with other people around and not expecting to make a lot of progress.

And with luck, no snow removal today.

Trying to get on top of my life again instead of always looking at the next deadline as what I have to be doing today.

Hope everyone is doing as well or making progress towards it.

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