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Something About Balance?

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And then three months with no blog activity.

Well, after reading week, things got busier and there’s a certain amount of pressure for me to perform at my absolute academic peak right now. Not that that will change when I manage to get my major shifted to Honours Physics (with a couple of additions on top of that) and when/if I manage to get accepted into an education program.

Sure, I’ve put a lot of that pressure on myself, but that’s because I know making a change of this magnitude at my age doesn’t really give a lot of wiggle room to make mistakes and figure things out. So I need to not make mistakes. As much as possible needs to be right the first time.

Either way, I’ve let a few non-academic things slide. The blog is one. A lot of my social media is another. Bigger than both of those, though, is the indie publishing plan for 2022. There were supposed to have been three short pieces released by now with a novel set for June.

I am doing some writing, but the most of the personal time I’m devoting to creative work right now is a complete overhaul of the plan with a result that this kind of slide shouldn’t happen again. Ultimate, there are three main short-term objectives:

1 – Standardize what I’ve published so far.

I’m happy with and proud of what I’ve accomplished so far, but if I put all the cover images next to each other, the result is… eclectic. While that’s a good word to describe my genre and sub-genre habits, I’m not sure it’s good when it comes to covers. And yet there’s nothing I want to change so badly to make it fit a pattern. So, recognizability or suitability to each title? Likely something between: obviously related and suitable.

More important in my mind, though, is standardizing the inside. I’ve had a couple of different strategies for both front and back matter, and they’ve both evolved. That evolution means that a couple of things need to be standardized through all my titles

2 – Prep the next few things for publication

This involves a little bit of work. It’s not that I have a lack of things I’m satisfied with that I can release (the opposite of that, really), but the process from final manuscript to ebook file (or one for paperback, for that matter), takes a little more than hitting ‘Save As’. Image selection, cover design, front matter, back matter, links, formatting and layout… these things all take time. Ultimately, the immediate goal here is to prep the next three releases so they’re ready to go.

3 – Set up a release schedule that runs at least the next 12 months.

Once item number two is accomplished, this is going to be an easy one. I’ve already plotted out what I want to release and how. New fiction will release every second month beginning in June, alternating novels with shorter work (novelette-length work – 10 to 15,000 words ish), so that’s two of each by my next birthday. Prepping a few more titles will have things ready for a full year. There will be a couple of bonus things built in, too, but I’ll sit on those for a bit before announcing.

The full list of what I’m working through breaks things up a little more finely and has 26 separate items on it, most of which involve more than one sub-task, so this isn’t an overnight thing, but the objective is a little bit of progress each day while still keeping up the writing and meeting all my regular life obligations.

Oh, and I’m going to get back to the blog more. At least twice a week but trying for three times. Some combination of Monday, Wednesday, Friday.

Be well, everyone.

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