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So I’ve already mucked up the blogging 2 out of 3 Monday, Wednesday, Friday plan. This post was supposed to have been yesterday. I want to be fair to myself and say I started on a Wednesday and yesterday was crowded and I’m writing it now… so maybe I will. Life isn’t always smooth on a daily basis.

The plan for this post is a basic list of all the indie publishing I’ve done so far and a sharing the publishing schedule from now to the end of the year. Side note: the list of 26 items on the publishing reorganization is now up to 30 after having first gone down to 23.

Anyway, the list of things I’ve published, nearly alphabetically. I’m not going to link to them individually, but I’ll put a link to the appropriate Amazon search on the .com and .ca versions and to my Ko-Fi shop as well.


Ancient Runes

Heroes Inc. (The Citizen Trilogy, Volume 1)

Hero’s Life (The Citizen Trilogy, Volume 2)

Fallen Heroes (The Citizen Trilogy, Volume 3)

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Turn the World Around




The Undead

Shorter Work

“Babysitting the Taran-Saurus”

“Behind False Doors”

“Comes the Riznak”

“Common Ground”

“Footprints in the Dust”

“For Whom the Gnome Strolls”

“Mummy Powder”

“Natural Order”

“Searching for the Sea Monster”

“The Colours of Lives Lived”

“Thorvald’s Wyrd”


All told, that’s 12 separate ebooks published (the novels, collections, and “Thorvald’s Wyrd” all have paperback versions, too) totalling more than 700,000 words. If I count the fanfic I’ve published (more on that another day), we’re brushing up against 900,000. While I haven’t broken things out here, it all fits somehow into the broad genre buckets of Science Fiction and Fantasy. There are a couple of stories in The Undead that some folks might call horror, but I don’t think they move over the border (which I have definite ideas about) from Dark Fantasy.

Between now and the end of the year, the full plan is:

June: Science Fiction Sampler, a collection of sample chapters from several novels plus a few complete short stories to showcase Science Fiction work I’ve published so far or will soon.

June: Fantasy Sampler, a collection of sample chapters from several novels plus a few complete short stories to showcase Fantasy work I’ve published so far or will soon.

June: Draugr Rising, borrowing liberally from Norse Mythology in a completely different way than Ancient Runes did for a contemporary urban fantasy novel.

August: “Foog”, a science fiction novelette starring a human who operates on the legal fringes of galactic society to help people for a fee and an alien from a culture with a predilection for inhabiting other species’ literature for social interactions.

October: Big Hair Day, a coming-of-age story set in 1986-87 and told through the major events of high school senior year.

December: “Branch Santa”, a novelette exploring how Santa will deal with toy delivery when there are children on the Moon.

December: The Citizen Trilogy, an omnibus edition of Heroes Inc., Hero’s Life, and Fallen Heroes.

I have detailed the publishing plan for next year, too, with releases scheduled for the even-numbered months. While I’ve set what those releases are going to be, I’m not going to let that cat out yet. I don’t have a shortage of things ready to be seen by other eyes but may still move things around quite a bit. On the novel side of things, there’s a military SF trilogy ready to go, a set of 5 books that just need a final reading, two standalones that may or may not need sequels that have had theirs, and two standalones that are fully drafted but need some editing still.

Never mind the stuff I haven’t written yet, or all the short fiction I continue to write.

If I can stay on track through the next several years of academics, I’ll have a good body of work available for interested readers.

For now, though, I apparently have a large stack of patio stones to move.

Be well, everyone.


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