V: The Final Battle (Not a Review)

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I can’t binge watch things like most people do.

Half a dozen episode in an afternoon? I top out at about three and then need to either switch to something else or take a long break. Long as in days. Half a dozen episodes of one thing in a week is binging for me.

As a consequence, I’m usually working my way slowly through eight or ten different things with some split between current and nostalgia that usually favours nostalgia at least a little. In alphabetical order, here’s the current list:

  1. The Avengers (1961) S04
  2. Buck Rogers (1979) S01
  3. Dr. Who (Classic) S12
  4. Gravity Falls (2012) S02
  5. Space 1999 (1975) S01
  6. Stargate SG1/Atlantis S09/02
  7. Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (2022) S01
  8. The Book of Boba Fett (2021) S01
  9. V (1983-84) mini-series
  10. What If…? (2021) S01

So the current split is 60/40 if you consider Gravity Falls a current-ish show. You’ll probably notice a genre trend, not that that should be surprising.

Recent (as in during 2022) completions:

  1. Stan Against Evil (2016) S01-03
  2. Hawkeye (2021)
  3. Orbital Children (2022)
  4. Inside Job S01 (2021)
  5. The Expanse S06 (2022)

Note these are all shows with short seasons, though, in the 6-10 episode range.

Right now I’d like to draw attention to the original V miniseries, though. Part 3 of the sequel series, The Final Battle, is at the top of the list right now and probably slotted for tonight’s viewing. I watched the original miniseries in late 2020 and its sequel just recently got to the top of the planned watch list.

It holds up very well.

Not the special effects, of course. In the early 80s, the effects for things with a reasonable budget (for the time) don’t look real to current eyes (although they were sometimes spectacular at the time), but they look real enough to not distract from the story. In this case, the story continues its allegory of underground resistance against the Nazis. Departing a bit more from its historical basis this time, it’s the Resistance that wins the day.

I hesitate to include more story details here. Suggesting I don’t want to spoil a nearly 40-year-old television show seems a bit silly on the surface, but you can find detailed plots on Wikipedia if you really want to, and I think it’s better to go in with just hints the first time you see something.

And this is something that Science Fiction television fans should see. It’s well-plotted, well-paced, well-directed, well-acted, and fun.

This is not a review. It’s a recommendation. If classic TV SF is in your wheelhouse, the mini-series (both of them) should be on your list. I don’t remember the single season of the follow up series very well, but I’ll be getting to that sooner or later.

Just remember, the Visitors are not our friends.

Be well, everyone.

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